Supporting Activities

In a commemorative, exhibition park such as is described here, it is important that as many of the activities as possible be related to the theme of the Park. It is in this way that the Park expresses its unity of purpose. It is in this way that it becomes notable.

However, it is not likely that all activities within the Park could be related to the central theme, nor is it necessary that they be so.

A modern vacation or destination area cannot be a success unless it offers its visitors a well-rounded program of activities. People expect to be able to engage in activities such as golfing and swimming when they visit a vacation area.

In the selection of these activities some definite principles should be followed.

First, the activities must be compatible with the basic theme of the Park. A motorcycle race is not compatible with a memorial area.

Second, the activities chosen should be those which appeal to the type of visitor normally attracted by the basic theme of the Park. The visitor should come to the Park primarily because of his interest in the theme-related activities of the Park (in this case, the exhibition hall, the museums, the memorial area, etc.). He should not come primarily because of his interest in supporting activities.

Third, care should be taken in publicizing the Park that principal emphasis is given to theme-related rather than supporting activities. It should become known that activities such as golfing or swimming are available at Stone Mountain Park, but the Park itself should receive primary promotional emphasis.

Supporting activities are especially important for children in a vacation area. Supervised care should be provided during periods when parents wish to engage in their own activities.

An excellent suggestion which has been made is that a special playground be constructed making use of animal characters from the Uncle Remus stories of Joel Chandler Harris.

Evening entertainment also is important. A suggestion which has been made is that a theater building be constructed in which Gone With the Wind could be shown several times a week. The building could be used for other purposes, such as convention meetings, at other times.

This is not a definitive list. Many additional supporting activities will be needed A detailed activity analysis should be carried out to determine what the needs are and how they can best be met within the principles set forth above.

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