Role of the Concessions

The central issue in a commemorative, exhibition Park is not who owns or operates an activity, but how that activity relates to the basic theme of the Park.

Some concessions (the Plantation, for example) already are directly related~to the theme of the Park. The Railroad also falls in this category (although portions of the entertainment on the ride are not theme-related) . Concessions which are not theme-related would fall into the category of supporting activities.

In a commemorative park concession-operated activities should be viewed no differently from non-concession-operated activities. However, the Association has a special obligation to the concessions currently at the Park.

Every attempt should be made to encourage and assist them to relate their activities to the basic theme of the Park. Where this is not possible, every attempt should be made to work them into the pattern of supporting activities of the Park.

It should be noted, however, that as the Park prospers, so should the concessions prosper. A development and promotion program which will result in a steady, large flow of people into the Park should also result in satisfactory revenues to the concessions.

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