Bureau of Business and Economic Research
Graduate School of Business Administration
Athens, Georgia 30601
December 13, 1965

The Honorable Phil Campbell, Jr., Chairman
Stone Mountain Memorial Association
Stone Mountain, Georgia

Dear Mr. Campbell:

In January of 1964 the Bureau of Business and Economic Research submitted a report to the Stone Mountain Memorial Association on the economic potentials of Stone Mountain Park. This report resulted from a study by the Bureau for the Association and contained recommendations concerning future developments at the Park.

In June of 1964, committees were appointed by both houses of the General Assembly to study the Stone Mountain project. In a joint report, these committees recommended that the Bureau study be reviewed "with a view towards establishing a firm construction guide for the continued development of the Park. "

Because much progress has been made at the Park since the Bureau's earlier report, the Association entered into an agreement with the University of Georgia on June 3, 1965, under which the Bureau's 1964 recommendations would be reviewed and brought up to date. This the Bureau currently is doing.

The report which follows addresses itself to the important question of the development concept to be followed at the Park.

I appreciate the opportunity of presenting this report to the Association at this time since, in my opinion, it deals with a question which should be considered carefully before plans for additional developments at the Park are formulated.

I hope this report will prove useful to the members of the Association in their deliberation about future developments at the Park.

Cordially yours,

William B. Keeling

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