Introduction of the Economic Motive

A Janus File

from Wm. Johnson's Undefeated, about the United Daughters of the Confederacy
from the1969 Master Plan
These women had next to nothing. He had a shrewd suspicion that his bare traveling expenses would amount to a considerable drain upon their treasury. But he had never seen such burning intensity, such complete devotion to a cause that the world believed buried and forgotten decades ago.
"The desire to pay homage to the Confederate leaders is still important, but it is now probably secondary to the economic motive."

These quotations clearly demonstrate the different motives that the managers of the Park operated under in the 1910s and 1960s. The UDC wanted to build a monument to honor the Confederacy despite economic problems, their agenda governed only by ideology. As the Master Plan quotation clearly shows, however, the state authority, which governed the Park from 1958 on, operated under a different set of priorities. This primary economic motive led to the addtion of attractions to the park, like the auto museum, petting zoo, and waterslide, that diverted attention away from the carving itself and subverted the ideological goal of honoring the Confederacy's heroes.

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