Lee Reader

This collection of writings by and about General Robert E. Lee represents an infinitesimally small percentage of the literature on the Southland's greatest hero. Reverent Southrons and even admiring Yankees have penned a stunning number of quasi-hagiographical biographies of the man. This tiny selection of documents attempts to capture the depth of faith, the height of virtue, and the breadth of achievement that made Lee the patron saint of a region and the central figure in the carving at Stone Mountain.
Original Copy of Lee's Farewell Address
General Order No. 83 - a prayer by R.E. Lee
Farewell to the Army of Northern Virginia - by R. E. Lee
Quotation from letter to P.G.T. Beauregard, on citizenship
Quotation from letter to Charles Marshall, on hope
The Character of Lee - by John Williams Jones
He Lost a War and Won Immortality - by Louis Redmond
Excerpt from Wm. Johnson's Undefeated describing Lee's role in carving

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