Master Plan Part V




The architectural design for the various facilities of the park was inspired largely by their function and their surrounding environment. The variation in the different functions and the varying topography offered an opportunity for different and interesting shaped buildings, which are brought into a harmonious overall design by the consistent use of natural stone and wood. Other materials were chosen for their durability and easy maintenance.

Contemporary architectural design has lent itself especially well to the function of provided sheltered, yet unobstructed views of the mountain and landscape. Buildings such as the Museum, calculated to recall the atmosphere of the Confederate period, will be built in true archaeological reproduction.

Administration Building

The Administration Building will serve as the information and administration center of the park. The design and location of this building was dictated largely by one of its primary functions: the viewing of the carving from the best vantage point.

Here will be housed administration offices, information center, large snack bar, concessions, a sheltered viewing lounge, and a large viewing terrace. The building and surrounding area will be beautifully landscaped with natural shrubs and flowers and grouping of huge natural boulders.


Connected by a covered passage to the Administration Building will be the primary dining location, a beautiful and comfortable restaurant with indoor and outdoor eating areas commanding a magnificent view of the carving. The facility is planned to serve not only tourists, but repeat customers from the Atlanta vicinity.

Bus Terminal and Concession Building

Located on the traffic circle at the foot of the mountain toward the west will be a complete vehicular communication facility.

Here will be a large auto parking area and the major connection to the city bus, mountain-top bus, scenic drive bus and the miniature railroad. In addition to ticket offices and restrooms, there will be souvenir concessions and a cafeteria and snack bar.

Open covered terraces will provide shelter for those waiting for transportation. Access is provided to the top of the building to give an introductory view of the area.

Mountaintop Facilities

At the upper terminus of the mountain road there will be a two-level building. The lower level will provide for services, bus-loading and toilets. The upper level will have a lobby with concessions, dining areas, and dramatic viewing terraces.

An observation tower, a memorial terrace, and the Confederate memorial plaza complete a composition of circles, the various levels of which are reached by interconnecting stairs.

The shapes of this construction both in elevation and in circular plan are chosen to complement the natural and existing shape of the mountain with a minimum interference with its natural beauty.


The Museum containing relics and mementos of the War Between the States will be a reproduction of one of the outstanding examples of antebellum architecture.

The exterior, entrance hall, and one room on the lower floor will be authentically reproduced from the original house. The remainder of the building will be arranged to provide an excellent background for the exhibitions.


The Amphitheater is designed to preserve harmony with the natural surroundings by arranging approaches between trees and stones.

The seating area is hewn into an existing stone quarry, thus providing materials for the construction. In front of the stage is a reflecting pool, possibly to provide a water spray curtain for the platform and sound reflecting shell.

The stage is designed to accommodate band concerts, chorales, pageants, group dancing, informative gatherings, and sunrise and other religious services.

Boat Dock

Within walking distance of the Administration Building will be a boat dock where the sightseeing boat ride will start and terminate. Here also are rental boats for fishing and boating. This facility consists of a concrete platform on which rests a building housing a ticket office, concessions, and rest rooms.

Park Shelters

Throughout the park, at well dispersed locations, will be placed park shelters, a simple design common to all, containing rest rooms and vending areas.

These shelters will serve the various picnic and play areas, providing facilities which will help to reduce congestion at the Administration Building and other major concessions. They will also make feasible the development and use of the more remote parts of the waterfront and other beauty spots.

Entrance Gates

On the west and north sides of the park two entrance gates control access by visitors.

Each entrance will have two in-going lanes and one exit lane. On a landscaped island between the in-going lanes will be a ticket office constructed mostly of stone in combination with stone walls and boulders introducing visitors to the character of buildings and landscaping used throughout the park.

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