Enduring Quality of Monument

It is a staggering thought that this vast monument will veritably outlast the ravages of time and remain for centuries without end as a monument not alone to the soldiers of the Confederacyor to the women of the South, but also to the achievements of the twentieth century. Geologists estimate that this mountain erodes at the rate of one fourth of an inch in 1, 000 years! Think what that means-this monuments will endure forever, or into another geologic age! Perhaps, when all life has perished from the earth and the whirling planet enters a new phase, that evidence of the imagination and handiwork of man of this century will carry into mute ages its great story of the valor of the soldiers of the South. Or, as has been said by Mr. Randolph:
But this monument cannot fall; it is part of the earth: it will be one of the last parts of earth to crumble. The Parthenon is gone: the Colesium at Rome is only a mass of stones for tourists to photograph: records, histories, and buildings decay even as even the Pyramids are decaying after 3, 000 years, but in this imperishable natural stone at its natural place on earth will be the inscriptions that may comprise the Rosetta Stone for future ages.

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