The members of the Association who are undertaking such a vast project are to be congratulated upon their daring and patriotism. History, indeed, has a precedent for such an achievement. After the victories over the Persians, Pericles gathered in Athens the best sculptors and architects in the ancient world for the purpose of creating what all concede to have been one of the finest and most beautiful structures of all time--the Parthenon. History tells us of the sculptors, architects, and directors of this enterprise fought over their diversities of opinion, only to come together again to finish the great task they had begun. So in the Renaissance Cellini and Michelangelo had differences with their employers, and in his anger at the Pope at the time of the completion of the Sistene Chapel Michelangelo painted the portrait of the Pontiff in that part of the ceiling set aside for the representation of the Inferno. Stone Mountain likewise has had its difficulties, which we hope now are ended.

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