Smartext: The Smartext of Pudd'nhead Wilson is designed for readers coming to this novel for the first time, as well as students and scholars interested in an alternative critical reading tool.

How Does it Work?

The "Smartext" (my coining) electronic edition makes possible the tracking of the various themes which run throughout Twain's novel. Once you enter, choose a chapter you wish to explore. By clicking on "Chapter1" in the table of contents, that chapter will appear on the main screen. By clicking on any of the various "themes" on the table of contents, the related passages are highlighted. By Clicking on any passage of highlighted text, the following passage of that theme is highlighted throughout the novel, and so on until the end.

Depictive and Discursive Discourse

As you will see by clicking back and forth between themes, social structures appear as complimentary and overlapping. If you want to click on, say, "race" in "Chapter1" and then see how it compares to "gender" you may do so. Thus the reader can depictively compare examples of highlighted examples in order to visually experience the "physical" as well as thematic structure of the text. The textual interconnectivity of Twain's novel resembles the social interrelationships found in the world of Dawson's Landing.