Creating Historic Albemarle, 1932-1999

In the Great Depression, when the writers of the Works Progress Administration's writer's project explored Charlottesville and Albemarle County and provided a depiction of them in their state and local guides, the history of the area appeared quite different than it does today. While most of the historic sites of today were present in this time, most were not regarded as such and were not subject to the constant care, attention, and promotion that the current sites experience. Yet, from 1935 until the present day, a process of creating a Historic Albemarle and a Historic Charlottesville has occurred. This project will examine what history has been created and the forces behind such a creation in the period 1932-1999.

  • Creation Continues: Historic Charlottesville/Albemarle Takes Form, 1935-1999
  • The Marketing of History: Historic Charlottesville/Albemarle Today
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