My Personal Links of Interest

Sports Websites

The Central Division Champion Houston Astros Webpage may not seem as appealing now, after a three game sweep by the Atlanta Braves, who in turn lost to the Florida Marlins, creating a World Series that an apathetic nation would not watch, yet they still represent H-Town and still are my team.

ESPN Sportszone is a great site for any sports information, up to the minute and to the last detail.

The Epic Jungle/Jim Rome Website is the home of The Jungle, seen to the right, where Jim "Van Smak" Rome rails on those athletes whom the clones do not like due to a variety of shortcomings. Romey will teach you about cribs, grills, the ATL, SoCal, Marv Albert, and the WNBA with his amazing rhetoric and clone support. The Jungle is taking over the world, so visit this site before it is too late, and learn, how you too, can bang your monkey.

Fishing Web Sites may be accessed through this link.

The CBS Sports site is allegedly the #1 sports site on the web. You make the call.

The USA TODAY Sports Site is good and gives access to the phenomenal Baseball Weekly.

The University of Virginia Athletic Department homepage gives you up to the date info on all the teams the hoos field.<

Informational Websites

The Weather Channel On-Line is for when weather is breaking fast, and you need to know what is happening. Or at least have them convince you that it is happening. Dad, this site's for you.

CNN On-Line might be useful if you really need to know about current events.

MSNBC On-Line is suprisingly useful, considering the dearth of worthwhile information shown on the MSNBC cable channel. Check it out for sports, the stock market, politics, and other current events.

Time Magazine on the web.

Educational Websites Worth Seeing

The Valley of the Shadow Project is a fascinating web site regarding the Civil War, and two different communities it affected. Created by Professor Ed Ayers and the University of Virginia History Department, the project just received funds from the NEH in October, 1997.