Projects for My American Studies Class

The Evolution of the American Front Porch

My www project on front porches

The Rise of Barbed Wire and its Transformation of the American Frontier

My www project on barbed wire

Creating Historic Charlottesville/Albemarle

Thoreau's Walden:

A couple of chapters of text in my experiment with html.

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

An Illustration From Walden

Text Scanning and Conversion to HTML Experiments

Susan Smuylan's "Discovering Science and Technology Through American History"

Earl W. Hayter's "Barbed Wire Fencing--A Prarie Invention: Its Rise and Influence in the Western States"

Book Reviews

A Book Review of Dixie Rising, by Peter Applebome

Scanned Chapters of WPA Guide




Tour 1

Tour 3

Tour 21


Spring Project Proposal