Project Proposal


In the 1940 edition of the Guide to the Old Dominion, the historic sites of each major Virginia city are catalogued. Charlottesville is among these cities, and The Guideprovides a brief list and succinct description of the historic sites of Charlottesville. The specific sites of Charlottesville that are catalogued are as follows:
1. Albemarle County Courthouse
2. The site of the Old Swan Tavern
3. McIntire Public Library
4. The Lee, Jackson, George Rogers Clark, and Lewis and Clark statues
5. The Old armory of the Monticello Guards
6. "The Farm"
7. Carrsbrook
8. Bally-Les-Braden
9. Michie Tavern
10. Monticello

The first goal of my project will be to provide a modern and brief catalogue of these sites. I will discuss which have disappeared and why, which have changed and why, and which have remained fairly static. Hopefully each listing will include an updated photograph of the site, if possible.

The second goal of my project will be to catalogue historic sites that have become "historic" since the publication of the guide or are sites considered to be historic yet left out of the guide. My basis for calling a site historic will be the National Register for Historic Places. These sites include:
1. Farmington
2. Faulkner House
3. Shack Mountain
4. Arrowhead
5. Bellair City
6. Gallison Hall
7. Malvern
8. Red Hills

Considered to be historic by the state register include Ednam and Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

By cataloguing these sites, I hope to demonstrate how the history of a community has changed. Furthermore, I will attempt to uncover how the forces of society shape history and continually change the useable past. By looking at all of the changes in what is "the history of Charlottesville," I hope to make this point.

Preliminary Resources

1. National Register of Historic Places, 1966-1988
2. This is the site of the National Register of Historic Places
3. The Virginia Landmarks Register, Ed. Calder Loth, UVA Press, 1986
4. Virginia Landmarks of Black History, Ed. Calder Loth, UVA Press, 1995
5. No Title, no editor, some guide of Albemarle presented to Mr. Newcomb in 1932.
6. Historical Guide to Charlottesville, Mary Rawlings, 1958.
7. Albermarle County Historical Society and Library (#1 resource>