So, did it work?

Did the murals and photography produced throughout the decade of the 1930s unify America? Did it help democratize American culture and bring art as an enjoyable pastime to the American people? Was it able to cultivate both regional and a national identities that could peacefully co-exist and even develop simultaneously?


Was the project a failure? Did the government unjustly tamper with American thought and tell its citizens what to look at and how to think about it? Did the WPA act out of order according to the laws of a democracy when it limited the creative freedom of the artists and photographers it employed? Did the heightening of individual American regional identities detract from the attempt to construct a national one?

The answer to the above question remains an intangible one, one that every individual must remain free to determine for himself. There is no concrete solution to the questions that initially spawned the idea for this project, that governed the work that went into creating it, and that still service at project's end, after hours of research. However, understanding the nature of the project and ultimately of the question(s) it was attempting to answer, as this project's author, I have come to an answer for myself.

First and foremost, I think it is a part of my nature to be forever wondering about things that have no real answer. In my academic pursuits, I often tackle projects that often remain as daunting despite a good grade or rave review. I worried, throughout the course of my labor on this one, that I had again attempted to do the same type of study. However, after a lot of work, I am satisfied in knowing that I have been able to reach an answer to the above questions for myself to share with those who wish to hear it. In the works, to be further edited after evaluations of draft are returned...