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For this project I consulted issues of The Daily Progress from within two days before each respective date and up to four days after these dates, to check for any news stories, editorials or advertising that might relate to these specific events and occurrences in the Depression. In addition, I also consulted the front pages of The New York Times on these dates in order to find the standard of what the focus of the national attention was. The stories, editorials and advertising contained in these newspapers are the basis for my argument; any quote or reference is to the editorial, news story or piece of advertising noted in the date specified.

In addition I received valuable aid and consultation from University of Virginia Lecturer William H. Fishback. He provided me with basic information to back up the material I had on what actually occurred in Charlottesville during the Depression. While his quotes are not cited specifically, he provided definite guidance for the project.

October 29, 1929: Stock Market Crash March 4, 1933: FDR Innaugurated March 5, 1933: FDR declares 'bank holiday' March 9, 1933: Emergency Banking Bill passed May 12, 1933: Federal Emergency Relief Act passed December 5, 1933: Repeal of Prohibition
May 6, 1935: WPA established August 14, 1935 Social Security Act passed November 3, 1936: FDR re-elected February 3, 1937: National Guard prepared to strike workers in Flint, Michigan September 16, 1940: Selective Service Act passed December 7, 1941: Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor


Works Cited