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The Yellow Pages -- Family Studies 

General Resources | Family History & Geneaology | Child/Education Issues | Family Legal Issues | Family Businesses | Academic Programs

Population Index
Journal by Princeton University on Demographics and Research Methodology; searchable index

U.S. Census Bureau
2000 census data and data from previous censuses.

Current Research Projects of the Australian Institute for Family Studies
Abstracts of the research projects and e-mail addresses of researchers. Includes research on single-parent families, later-life families, young parents, and monitoring of legislative policy.

Allegheny Regional Family History Society
Searchable census data, cemetary information, articles, journals, and online geneaologies for local families (West Va., Va., Penn., Md.)

New England Historical Geneaology Society
Geneaological information for various New England families

A Family History and Geneaology Series on PBS. Information about the series and links to geneaological sites

Brigham Young University Family History Technology Lab
Information on computer technologies for family research

(A search of Yahoo using Keywords "Family History" will yield numerous sites dedicated to the histories of individual families)

National Parent Information Network
Information on urban and minority families, especially on education.

Articles and case studies on community solutions for family violence, poverty, and children's issues

Articles and Case Studies on Family Law
Written by attorneys and available on line.

Internet Law Library
Search this site for U.S. state and federal laws

Web Resource for Family Business Executives and Owners

Miami University's Department of Family Studies and Social Work

University of Tennessee Family Studies Program

Ryerson Polytechnic University Program in Nutrition, Consumer, and Family Studies

University of Georgia Family Studies Program

Univerity of Maryland Department of Family Studies

Family Studies Courses Offered at the University of New Hampshire

University of Connecticut Family Studies Program

Messiah College Family Studies Program

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June 20, 2002