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The Yellow Pages -- Government 


The best collection of government information on the web. Federal, state and local agencies; historic documents; economic and sociological data; news and opinion; international affairs--whatever your pleasure, you'll find it here.

The Federal Register

Love laws and regulations? Here's the online database of laws, proposed legislation, notices by federal agencies and organizations, and executive orders, searchable by keyword. Published by the Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

FedWorld Home Page

A great place to start for official U.S. government information and organizations. FedWorld offers links to specific servers, telnet and FTP sites, and an easy-to-use WWW subject index.

International Affairs Resources

The site provides over 2000 annotated links, categorized by organization, region, and topic.

State and Local Government on the Net

Provides one-stop access to the web sites of thousands of state agencies and city and county governments.

THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet

The legislative database used by Congress. THOMAS contains full texts of all legislation and Congressional Records from the 101st-108th Congress. The site also includes partial Bill summaries, links to the Senate and House of Representatives, and a keyword-searchable Constitution. Bill summary/status and public laws are available online from the 93rd-108th congresses.

U.Va. Library Government Information Resources

Reference sources by topic and by agency, lists and search engines, and government information in the University of Virginia Library. Invaluable resource.

Branches of the Federal Government - General Links

Legislative Branch
U.S. Senate House of Representatives

Executive Branch
White House - has links to other executive branches

Judiciary Branch

Political Parties

GOP Republican National Committee

Democratic National Committee

Libertarian Party

Green Party

Natural Law Party

Constitution Party

Socialist Party

News and General Interest

It's your government—and here it is. Who holds what office? What's the latest on your issue? How do you write your congressman? These questions and more are answered.

Congressional Quarterly

The inside stuff of American government. Track legislation, find a congressional biography (past or present), read GAO reports, or handicap the field for this year's elections.

Public affairs on the web. Track issues and watch or listen to C-SPAN online. Observe the democratic process in real time. Audio clips of archival material and past broadcasts.

FedForms provides "one-stop-shopping" for the Federal forms most used by the public.


Searchable statistical data and maps, links to agencies and their statistics, agency press releases, statistics by geography.

First Gov

A practical government site—change your address, apply for student loans, get a government job or file your taxes. Also has information by topic (e.g., history, arts, and culture, money and taxes, voting and elections).

Great American Speeches

A great archive by PBS that includes speech text, some audio and background. All the greatest hits by America's orators plus several fun activities.

Moving Ideas: The Electronic Policy Network

This network of interest groups, journals, and research institutes is focused on domestic social policy. In addition to EPN member sites, resource indexes on health care, welfare, and family issues are available.

National Election Studies

Election data and public opinion. NES conducts national surveys of the American electorate in presidential and mid-term election years and carries out research and development work through pilot studies in odd-numbered years. The NES time-series encompasses 23 biennial election studies spanning five decades. Trends and the impact of historical events can be identified.

National Journal

Politics, news, opinion. Restricted to National Journal, CongressDaily, Hotline, Technology Daily and American Health Line subscribers

Opensecrets tracks political donations to candidates nationwide. Also has general information on money and politics, such as reports on media ownership, prescription drugs, Iraq contracts, etc.


U.S. Supreme Court multimedia site run out of Northwestern University. Audio files, transcripts, opinions, oral arguments in some cases back to 1955 and all cases since 1995.

Political Theory on the Internet

This site, from the University of Michigan, is an enormous archive of Western political theorists and philosophers. Hypertexts of greatest hits in political science.

Public Agenda

Nonpartisan site with opinion research studies on various issues, "issue guides," and information on polling (including "20 Questions Journalists Should Ask About Poll Results").

This Nation

A digital encyclopedia providing a road map to American government. Different pages link to information for citizens, students, and teachers.

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January 25, 2004