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The Yellow Pages -- Native American 

Contemporary American Indian Nations
Issues faced by and resources for contemporary Indian nations.

Findlaw: American Indian Law
A searchable index of significant American Indian legal decision, cases, treaties, and constitutions.

Support Indigenous Sovereignty
Maintained by the Canadian "Settlers in support of Indigenous Sovereignty," this is an aggressive glimpse into Canadian indigenous people's political struggles.

Native American Fine Art Exhibit
This is a juried art exhibit of only Native American artists. It is searchable by subject and has intriguing sections such as "Computer Images v. Art Work" as well as the legal requirements of applying the term "Native American" to art pieces.

American Indian and Alaskan Native Network Information Systems Links
The listing includes WWW, Gopher, FTP sites and search engines.

Bill's Aboriginal Links
A massive compendium of links hosted by Bill Henderson, an Ontario lawyer. Bill provides tons o' links on aboriginals of all kinds-U.S., Canadian, Latin American, New Zealand, and more. Also included are Human Rights links and legal issues.

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
Karen Strom's wonderful site has more links than you could possibly imagine. The links are divided into such categories as culture, history, education, language, and legal issues in an easily navigable table.

Native American Indian: (Everything)
Paula Giese's impressive site is one of the best Native American resources on the Web-it boasts over 300 pages in the sight, with many more references leading the intrepid researcher to excellent sources. Awesome sections include the intriguing story pages, and the unique Native Astronomy and Native Herbal knowledge pages.

Native American Resources
A huge compilation of Native American URLs-includes organizations, tribal homepages, Indian education and colleges, government resources, and art and culture.

National Museum of the American Indian: Smithsonian Institution
The Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian is dedicated to the preservation, study, and exhibition of the life, languages, literature, history, and arts of Native Americans. Established by an Act of Congress in 1989, the museum's collections span more than 10,000 years of Native heritage, from ancient stone Clovis points to modern silkscreen prints.

One of the preeminent Native American sites on the web, containing a rich variety of resources.

Indian Health Service Home Page
The IHS homepage offers a virtual tour of IHS offices across the United States, Quicktime and MPEG movies, and IHS glossary, and much more.

An American Indian Web Page
The archives for American literature and historical mailing lists, this page provides useful bibliographic information and a repository of syllabi for teachers interested in Native American literature.

Fourth World Documentation Project
Organized by the Center for World Indigenous Studies, the FWDP's mission is to document and make available to tribal governments, researchers, and others documents relating to the social, political, strategic, economic, and human rights issues related to the conquest of the New World.

Native American Adventure
This interesting site sponsored by the American Indian Heritage Foundation provides a Live 3D museum, and American Indian Action center, and a rich Indigenous People's Literature section with stories, documents, poetry, and speeches from many nations.

Native American and the Environment
If you want to learn about environmental difficulties that face various indigneous peoples, this site sponsored by the Center for Conservation Biology at U.C. Irvine is ideal. It boasts a bibliography with over 700 items, a web guide with over 160 sites, and an image map which neatly parcels out information according to geographic regions.

American Indian Science and Engineering Society
This non-profit organization works to synthesize science and technology with "traditional native values." The AISES page provides information on scholarships, opportunities, AISES Chapters' pages, Winds of Change magazine for American Indian Education and Opportunity, and much more.

Oneida Indian Nation
The Oneida page is well-done with interesting information on Oneida culture and history (detailing things like language and recipes), Economic Enterprise (with an image map), and more.

Native American Home Pages
A fascinating selection of home pages by individuals and individual Native nations.

Powwow Dancing
Paul Gowder's impressive guide to Powwow dancing covers everything from different dance styles, powwow etiquette, drumming, and giveaways. This well-done site is laden with excellent photographs which bring powwows to life on the web. One word of warning--the site has a sound that requires a downloadable Netscape plug-in to operate.

Southern Native American Powwows
An excellent introduction to powwows for the novice, this discusses etiquette, terminology, drum and songs, dance styles, and the arena and staff in case you want to host your own.

Native American Journalists Association
NAJA's site archives a few issues of the Native Voice, an interesting paper created by student and professional journalists the NAJA newsletter; it also provides information on program activities, and more.

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