Paul Goodloe McIntire

Paul Goodloe McIntire

1860 Born, Charlottesville, Virginia

1878-1879 Attended the University of Virginia

1880 Moved to Chicago to work as a coffee salesman

1896 Purchased a seat on the Chicago Stock Exchange

1891 Married Edith Clark

1901 Birth of his only child, Charlotte Virginia McIntire

1901 Moved to New York and purchased a seat on the New York Stock Exchange

1918 Retired to Charlottesville, Virginia

1919 Endowed the School of Art and the School of Music at the University of Virginia

1921 Married Anna Dearing Rhodes

1921 Endowed the School of Commerce and Finance at the University of Virginia

1922-1934 Served on the University of Virginia's Board of Visitors

1929 Received French Legion of Honor

1933 Death of Anna McIntire

1933 Moved to New York

1934 Married Hilda Berkel Hall

1952 Died in New York

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