Bibliography and Suggestions for Further Reading

Here is list of the resources I have consulted in putting this project together. I have made brief notes about those articles that I found especially helpful or interesting in my work.

Mr. Ayers chapter entitled "What we talk about when we talk about the South" proved very informative and eye-opening.

The following article details the situation in South Carolina and the Semiotic debate of the State's leaders.

This article, written by a historian at North Carolina State University, provides an interesting historical background and analysis of the problems with the flag and with race in general. The following was a paper by a U.Va. professor given to me in an American Studies seminar class.

This article was very helpful, especially with the resurgence portion. The article began as an undergraduate project at Brown University.

I also made use of a National Public Radio transcript from the show Morning Edition on October 31, 1997. Adam Hochberg was the reporter from Oxford, Mississippi.

If you have made it this far, then I would love to have your comments on the project.