Dime Novels

Averill, Charles. Kit Carson, the Prince of the Gold Hunters; or, The Adventures of the Sacramento. New York: Samuel French, 1849.

Averill, Charles. Life in California; or, The Treasure Seeker's Expedition. Boston: George H. Williams, 1849.

Averill, Charles. The Mexican Ranchero; or, The Maid of the Chapparal. Boston: F. Gleason, 1847.

Averill, Charles. The Pirates of Cape Ann; or, The Freebooter's Foe. Boston: F. Gleason, 1848.

Averill, Charles. Rob Roy of the Rocky Moutains; or, The Foundling of the Indian Camp. New York: Robert M De Witt, 1857.

Averill, Charles. The Secret Service Ship; or, The Fall of San Juan d'Ulloa. Boston: F. Gleason, 1848.

Averill, Charles. The Wreckers; or, The Ship-plunderers of Barnegat. Boston: F. Gleason, 1848.

Ballou, Maturin Murray. The Adventurer; or, The Wreck on the Indian Ocean. Boston: F. Gleason, 1848.

Ballou, Maturin Murray. The Cabin Boy; or, Life on the Wing. Boston: F. Gleason, 1848.

Buntline, Ned. Buffalo Bill, and his adventures in the West. New York: International Book Co., 1886.

Buntline, Ned. The Curse! A Tale of Crime and its Retribution. Boston: Roberts and Garfield, 1847.

Buntline, Ned. The King of the Sea; A Tale of the Fearless and Free. Boston: Flag of Our Union Office, 1847.

Buntline, Ned. The Red Revenger; or, The Pirate King of the Floridas. Boston: F. Gleason, 1848.

Hunter, Frederick. The Child of the Wreck; or The Stolen Bracelets. Boston: F. Gleason, 1848.

More Dime Novels..

The Dancing Star....Willis

The Gipsey Daughter...Ballou

Kate Wynyard...Barrington

The Young Fisherman...Barrington

The King's Talisman...Cobb

Eldorus, the Prince of Rovers...Metcalfe

The Golden Eagle...Cobb

Hugh Capet...Durivage

The Mistake of a Life-time...Howard

The Prophet of the Bohmer Wald...Cobb

The Sea Lark...Sumner

The Turkish Slave...Ballou

The Belle of Madrid...Ballou

The Black Knight...Robinson

The Midshipman...Ingraham

The Spaniard...Hunter


The Child of the Wreck...Hunter

Dark Sybil...Ashland


George Pembleton...Chipman

The Heroine of Tampico...Halyard

Jennette Alison...Ingraham

The Mexican Spy...Halyard


Red Rupert...Ballou

Roland de Vere...Hine


The Warrior Queen...Halyard

Alicia, the Rose of Avondale...Proby

The Indian Bucanier!...Barker

Isadore Merton...Mauren

Ringold Griffitt...Ingraham



The Prince and the Queen...Hazel

Edith Vernon...Durivage

Ellen Grafton...Barker

Emily Elwood...Barker

Fanny Campbell...Ballou

Helen Howard...Ashby

The Knights of Seven Lands...Ingraham

Mary Kale...Shortfellow

The Naval Officer...Ballou

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