Sadlier's Children

"Of the [sons] the oldest, a youth of promise, died suddenly on attaining his majority, his death proving a severe blow to his mother. The second son, who was named after that great apostle of the Indies, in the hope that he might one day be enrolled among the disciples of St.. Ignatius, became a Jesuit, spending twelve years in the Order, and dying three months after his ordination to the priesthood. The oldest daughter is married to a son of Sheriff Leblanc of Montreal, and resides in that city; another girl wedded a nephew of the late Right Rev. James Chadwick, Bishop of the English dicocese of Hexham and Newcastle; the third, unmarried, devoted herself to literature, and has given the Catholic reading world abundent evidence that she inherits in a remarkable manner the literary talents and tastes of her gifted mother."

Kelly, William D. "A Benefactress of Her Race." Ave Maria. April 4, 1891. p. 324.