1. Brackenridge cut a small section from this chapter. The paragraph from the original serialized version reads:

"I do not know, said the Captain, what offence it may be in law, but certainly it was a great indecorum to amuse yourself, not at the expence of a mechanic, but indirectly at the whole body politic of the union; not that I think it unbecoming to send such as Traddle to deliberative assemblies; but that you seemed to think it so; because it is a thing not known in North-Briton, where aristocratic principles prevail. You might have meant this as pleasantry; but it may be construed a reflection upon a republican government, and to destroy the rights of man, in the first germ and principles of their existence.

They canna make high treason o't, said Duncan."

2. In earlier editions, this word was "devil."

3. In earlier editions, Brackenridge used the complete word, "bitch."