1. For the 1819 version, Brackenridge deleted the following phrase: "of that uncommon man," from here.

2. This phrase was also edited out fror 1819: "to bring liberty and equality amongst them."

3. In the original edition, Brackenridge's "Irish officer" was "an Irish officer or two".

4. This phrase also deleted: "sans culotism still continuing the order of the day".

5. This longer section was also deleted in 1819: "whimsically Peter, because Peter and Porcupine, begin with the same letter, and produces what is called an alliteration. Such respondence has been thought a beauty, in some languages, and at some periods. In the English language, it was a constituent of poetry a few centuries ago; and though now disused, yet is retained in appellations, where fiction is at liberty, and quaintness and humour is intended. Nor was the device or synonime of Porcupine, ill chosen. For the editor could dart his quills to some purpose. To drop the figure,". Brackenridge may have thought his readers familiar enough with the story to excise it.

6. Brackenridge chose to italicise this portion in the 1819 edition.

7. The final sentence of this paragraph in earlier editions read: "This they continued to do by receiving his papers."

8. This sentence removed for 1819 edition: "The consequence was, that Peter himself, and not unfrequently the female part of his family passing and repassing, were besprinkled with the effluvia and offended with the odour of the animal. The effusions were excited by the irritations of others; but friend and foe were indiscriminately the object of the vapour when they came in the way of its ascension."

9. This phrase also deleted: "ridiculing virtue as if it was vice; "

10. Excised in 1819: "had given his opinion pretty freely in companies, that this Porcupine was not a gentleman, which drew upon himself the paragraphs of Porcupine, which he has resented in a manner, that has wrought much disturbance. "

11. Excised from 1819 edition: "But in this case, the cause is serious and solid, for the olfactory organ is offended by Paul, but the heart is wounded by Peter."

12. Excised in 1819: "You have lawyers also amongst you, who on such an occasion owe their services to the public without fee or reward; for as when the matter respects the digging a trench, or building a bridge, the mechanics speak, and ask no peculiar douceur, or perquisite; so on this occasion, the gentlemen of the long robe will not be wanting to [develope] a case that involves in it a nice question of law and municipal regulation."

13. Excised final sentence from this paragraph: " They are much obliged to a man that councils concord; and advises the [puting] down the brick-bat, or [puting] on the coat. Even in dueling it holds the same, and the principal is a friend to the second ever after, that manages the matter so wisely that no blood is shed."

14. Excised from the beginning of this paragraph: "It was moved and seconded before the people should retire; for the mob had insensibly begun to assume the form of a regular assembly,"