Glossary of Hoodoo



1. Put an egg in a murdered man's hand and the murderer get away. He will wander right around the scene.

2. If a murder victim falls on his face, the murderer can't escape punishment. He will usually be executed.

3. If the blood of the victim is put in a jug and buried at the north corner of his house, the murderer will be caught and convicted.

4. Bury the victim with his hat on and the murderer will never get away.

5. If you kill and step backwards over the body, they catch you.

6. If you are murdered or commit suicide, you are dead before your times comes. God is not ready prowl about until your time comes.

7. If you suspect that a person has been killed by hoodoo, put a cassava stick in the hand and he will punish the murderer. If he is,,,,, killed by violence, put the stick in one hand and a knife and fork in the other. The spirit of the murdered one will first drive the.' slayer insane, and then kill him with great violence.

8. If people die wishing to see someone, they will stay limp and,;!". warm for days. They are waiting.

9. If a person dies who has not had his fling in this world, he I will turn on his face in the grave.

10. If a person dies without speaking his mind about matters, he will purge (foam at the mouth after death). Hence the expression::, "I ain't goin'to purge when I die (I shall speak my mind).


Tie up some rice and sycamore bark in a small piece of goods Tie six fig leaves and a piece of John dc Conquer root in another piece. Cheesecloth is good. Boil both bundles in a quart of water at. the same time. Strain it out. Now sprinkle the rice and sycamore bark mixed together in front of the house. Put the fig leaves and John de Conquer root in a comer of the house and scrub the house with the water they were boiled in. Mix it with a pail of scrub water.


Take a coconut that has three eyes. Take the name of the person you want to get rid of and write it on the paper like a coffin. (Put the, name all over the coffin.) Put this down in the nut. (Pour out water.) Put beef gall and vinegar in the nut and the person's name all around the coconut. Stand nut up in sand and set one black candle on top of it. Number the days from ?one to fifteen days. Every day mark that coconut at twelve o'clock A. M. or P. M., and by the fifteenth day they will be gone. Never let the candle go out. You must light the new candle and set it on top of the old stub which has burnt down to a wafer.


a. Take the names of all the good witnesses (for your client), the judge and your client's lawyer. Put the names in a dish and pour sweet oil on them and bum a white candle each morning beside it for one hour, from nine to ten. The day of the trial when you put it upon the altar, don't take it down until the trial is over.

b. Take the names of the opponent of your client, his witnesses and his lawyer. Take all of their names on one piece of paper. Put it between two whole bricks. Put the top brick crossways. On the day of the trial set a bucket or dishpan on top of the bricks with ice in it. That's to freeze them out so they can't talk.

c. Take the names of your client's lawyer, witnesses and lawyer on paper. Buy a beef tongue and split it from the base towards the tip, thus separating top from bottom. Put the paper with names in the split tongue along with eighteen pods of hot pepper and pin it through and through with pins and needles. Put it in a tin pail with plenty of vinegar and keep it on ice until the day of court. That day, pour kerosene in the bucket and bum it, and they will destroy themselves in court.

d. Put the names of the judge and all those for your client on the paper. Take the names of the twelve apostles after Judas hung hi self and write each apostle's name on a sage leaf. Take six candle and burn them standing in holy water. Have your client we six of the sage leaves in each shoe and the jury will be ma for him.

e. Write all the enemies' names on paper. Put them in a can Then take soot and ashes from the chimney of your client and in it with salt. Stick pins crosswise in the candles and burn them at good hour. Put some ice in a bucket and set the can in it. et your client recite the One Hundred Twentieth Psalm before Court an", in Court.

f. To let John the conqueror win your case; take one?half pi whiskey, nine pieces of John the Conqueror Root one inch long, Let it soak thirty?eight hours till all the strength is out. (Gather all roots before September 21.) Shake up good and drain off root in another bottle. Get one ounce of white rose or jockey perfume and pour into the mixture. Dress your client with this before going to Court.


Get bad vinegar, beef gall, filet gumbo with red pepper, and put names written across each other in bottles. Shake the bottle fort nine mornings and talk and tell it what you want it to do. To kill, the victim, turn it upside down and bury it breast deep, and li will die.


To give anyone the running feet: Take sand out of one of his,"" tracks and mix the sand with red pepper; throw some into a running stream of water and this will cause the person to run from),, place to place, until finally he runs himself to death.


Take nine deep red or pink candles. Write his name three times on each candle. Wash the candles with Van?Van. Put the name three times on paper and place under the candles, and call thee name of the party three times as the candle is placed at the hours of seven, nine or eleven.


Take nine lumps of starch, nine of sugar, nine teaspoons of steel dust. Wet it all with Jockey Club cologne. Take nine pieces of ribbon, blue, red or yellow. Take a dessertspoonful and put it on a piece of ribbon and tie it in a bag. As each fold is gathered together call his name. As you wrap it with yellow thread call his name till you finish. Make nine bags and place them under a rug, behind an armoire, under a step or over a door. They will love you and give you everything they can get. Distance makes no difference. Your mind is talking to his mind and nothing beats that.


Take nine needles, break each needle in three pieces. Write each person's name three times on paper. Write one name backwards and one forwards and lay the broken needles on the paper. Take five black candles, four red and three green.

Tie a string across the door from it, suspend a large candle upside down, It will hang low on the door; bum one each day for one hour. If you burn your first in the daytime, keep on in the day; if at night, continue at night. A tin plate with paper and needles in it must be Placed to catch wax in.

When the ninth day is finished, go out into the street and get some white or black dog dung. A dog only drops his dung in the street when he is running and barking, and whoever you curse will ran and bark likewise. Put it in a bag with the paper and carrv it to running water, and one of the parties will leave town.