Can't You Line It?

NOTE: This song is common to the railroad camps. it is suited to the "lining" rhythm. That,is, it fits the straining of the men at the lining bars as the rail is placed in position to be spiked down.

When I get in Illinois
I'm going to spread the news about the Florida boys.

Chorus: (All men straining at rail in concert.)
Shove it over! Hey, hey, can't you line it? -a-lack-a-lack.
(Shaking rail.) Ah, shack-a-lack-a-lack-a_lack-a-lack
(Grunt as they move rail.)
Can't you move it?
Hey, hey, can't you try.

Tell what the hobo told the bum,
if you get any corn-bread save me some.

A nickle's worth of bacon, and a dime's worth of lard,
I would buy more but the time's too hard.

Wonder what's the matter with the walking boss,
It's done five-thirty and he won't knock off.

I ast my Cap'n what's the time of, day,
He got mad and throwed his watch away.

Cap'n got a pistol and he try to play bad,
But I'm going to take it if he make me mad.

Cap'n got a burner* I'd like to have,
A 32:20 with a shiny barrel.

De Cap'n can't read, de Cap'n can't write,
How do he know that the time is right?

Me and my buddy and two three more,
Going to ramshack Georgy everywhere we go.

Here come a woman walking 'cross the field,
Her mouth exhausting like an automobile. *Gun.