Psittacus Piscis Viridis, Bahamensis: The Parrot Fish.

The Mouth of this Fish is large, paved large, paved as it were with blunt Teeth closely connected after the Manner of the Lupus marinus. The Body is covered with large green Scales, the Eyes are red and yellow; the upper part of the Head brown, the lower part and the Gills blue, bordered with dusky red; a Streak of red extends from the Throat behind the Gills, at the upper End of which is a bright yellow Spot: The Fins are five in Number, one extending almost the Length of the Back, of a Bay or Cinnamon Colour; there are two behind the Gills blended with black, green and purplish Colours, with the upper Edge verged with blue; under the Abdomen is another red Fin, verged with blue, under the Anus extends another long, narrow, green Fin, with a Lift of red through the middle of it; at the Basis of the Tail on each Side was a large yellow Spot. The Tail large, forked, and green, with a curved red Line running through the middle, parallel to the Curve of the Tail, and ending in two Points, This Fish is more remarkable for its Beauty, than esteemed for Delicacy; they are taken on the Coasts of Hispaniola, Cuba, and the Bahama Islands.

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