To the Queen.


As these Volumes contain an Essay towards the Natural History of that Part of Your MAJESTY'S Dominions, which is particularly honoured by bearing your August Name CAROLINA, this and Your great Goodness in encouraging all Sorts of Learning, have embolden'd me to implore Your Royal Protection and Favour to my slender Performance. I hope your MAJESTY will not think a few MINUTES disagreeably spent, in casting an EYE on these Leaves; which exhibit no contemptible Scene of Glorions Works of the Creator, displayed in the New World; and hitherto lain concealed from the View of YOUR MAJESTY as well as of YOUR Royal Predecessors, tho' so long possessed of a Country, inferior to none of YOUR MAJESTY'S American Dominions.

Wherefore I esteem it a singular Happiness, after several Years Travel and Enquiry in so remote Parts (by the generous Encouragement of several of Your MAJESTY'S Subjects, eminent for their Rank and for their being Patrons of Learning) that I am the first that has had an opportunity of presenting to a QUEEN of GREAT BRITIAN a Sample of the hitherto unregarded, tho' beneficial and beautiful Productions of YOUR MAJESTY'S DOMINIONS.

I am,
May it please YOUR MAJESTY,

Most humble,
And most dutiful Subject


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