Cast-iron Polychrome Banks

Stump speaker Bank Trick Dog Bank

Monkey Organ Grinder Bank

Man with Horse Bank

Jonah and the Whale Bank

Uncle Sam Bank

In the latter half of the nineteenth century, inventive small foundries created a large variety of mechanized cast-iron banks to the delight of novelty-seeking, thrifty Americans.

(A and B) "Black Sambo" banks were popular in the 1880's. In example B, the insertion of a coin resulted in the mule kicking the boy off his perch.

(C) In this particular bank (1888), Jonah tossed coins into the gaping mouth of the Leviathan.

(D) The "Trick Dog" inserted coins in the barrel after jumping through the hoop.

(E) For the price of a coin, the monkey on this bank would tip his hat and play a tune.

(F) The mechanized "Uncle Sam" bank, introduced shortly after the nations centennial, was an extremely popular model.

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