THE EARLY volunteer firemen left behind them a collection of relics. Along with an assortment of fire engines, there are hose and reel carts, badges, belts, buckets, trumpets, uniforms, and fire insurance company marks.
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Square iron plate that marked a house insured by the Baltimore Equitable Society, c. 1845.

Heavy iron casting of 1860 mark the United Fireman's Insurance Company of Philadelphia.

Fire mark with full name of the insuring company, founded in 1836, running around the edge
TODAY THERE are only a handful of fire museums and company collections where this regalia may be viewed.
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Cast iron mark of the Fire Association of Philadelphia, c. 1830.

The Green Tree fire mark was first carved in wood, then made of sheet copper, lead, and finally of cast iron. This example, c. 1806.

Guardian Company's mark, issued 1867


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