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Courtney S. Danforth 
Last updated 1/19/99
Rare Book Digital Editions

My responsibilities for the creation of these digital republications include supervision of the initial archival scanning and the creation of WWW deliverable JPEGs, the architecture for each title, the decorative or navigational elements, and the setting together of all the project components. The History of Science and Natural History rare book collections are a part of the Special Collections of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries. 

The Robert Johnson Notebooks

Created as a resource and publication space for a University of Virginia English Department class, Mississippi in Story and Song. My work included site architecture, graphics, digitization of text and audio clips, and working in partnership for a client. 

The Tibetan Book of the Dead

One of the exhibits from Special Collections of the University of Virginia Library. The site design and coding are my work, as are 90% of the artifact digital photographs. Awards received include: Yahoo Pick of the Day (2/19/98), and USA Today Hot Site of the Day (2/20/98). 

"Make the Dirt Fly!" Building the Panama Canal

I was the lead designer for this virtual version of an exhibition shown in the Smithsonian Institution Libraries' exhibition space. I designed the site architecture, created the graphics, and did the code for the project.

The Most of Special Collections

These are some of the earliest examples of my digital photography. This exhibition was mounted by the University of Virginia's Special Collections. Digital photographs include: 
Early American Fiction
I spent 14 months as one member of this project, digitally photographing each page of some 500 volumes of early American fiction from the collection of the University of Virginia. Here is one of my photographs.

The Holsinger Collection

On this project I made digital photographs from the glass plate negatives taken by Rufus Holsinger, a local Charlottesville photographer in the early twentieth century. 

A Charleston Love Story: a hypertext

An effort to reintroduce a "lost" nineteenth century African-American novel by recontextualization including images, supporting documents, and historical essays. The novel itself can be read, in HTML format, or searched in SGML format. 

Smithsonian Infusion

An original project for a graduate level American Studies Colloquium. A documentary history of the birth of the Smithsonian Institution. The entire project, inception to execution, is my work.

Tocqueville's America

A virtual travelogue for Alexis DeTocqueville's and Gustave DeBeaumont's visit to America in 1831 and 1832. Project concept, site architecture, text preparation, layout, and presentation graphics are mine. 

The Apotheosis of Robert E. Lee

An editorial project: I took an existing project and expanded it with complementary resources (text and image) and redesigned organization and navigation. 

The Domestic Frontier: The West in Women's Personal Narrative

My first academic WWW project. The site offers a look at domestic qualities of the western frontier. Commentary is organized for browsing through topic, author, geography, and chronology. All design and preparation is my own. 

The Writer's Eye

Reworking of an existing site for the Bayly Art Museum's annual Writer's Eye Competition. My work consisted of considerable reorganization and editing. 

Walton's Mountain Museum

The original WWW promotional site for the Schuyler, VA museum. My work included the initial design, and digitization of the images (from slides) and the text. 

Yellow Pages: Regional Studies and Popular Culture

A contribution to the resources of AS@UVA -- an evaluative link listing for WWW sites on the topics of Southern Studies and Pop Culture.