July, 1999
Vol. 1, issue 4


Soapmaking Equipment for the Beginner
Color Me 
Solving the Melt and Pour Colorant Mystery
Co-ops, Swaps, and Specials  
Welcome, Soapers and Soapnuts!

I'm thrilled to present this July issue, following a much needed break for the staff here at SoapNuts. We're rested, and you can tell! The articles this month are fabulous, and I know you will find them valuable.  

Please join me in welcoming our new staff members. This month, there are submissions from BJ Cattle, Nancy Gallagher, and Penny Tallent. In the months to come, you will see by-lines from several other familiar names. Thank you to everyone who has signed on to help make SoapNuts the best soap-making magazine on the net! 

As always, we welcome articles from all interested parties. Guidelines for submission can be found here. Drop us a line and we can discuss your future as a SoapNuts writer! 

This month we feature Sue Frelick's excellent introduction to soapmaking equipment for the new (and experienced!) soaper.  BJ Cattle interviews the newest Soapnuts business success--Nicolle Field. You will also see two articles about colorants from Nancy Gallagher and Holli McCarty, and tips and tricks for dealing with soap seizures by Penny Tallent. Chatzie Massey reveals the "dirt" behind Kathy Ezeh's famous Voodoo Berry scent, and Holli McCarty and Nicolle Field round up fragrance reviews and soap supply co-ops.  

Miz Bubbles mailbox was mighty empty this month. She asked me to tell you that she has persuaded Duane Porter to join in on her column. So now you can drop Miz Bubbles a question, and get a "She said" AND a "He said" response! To send mail to Miz Bubbles, email mizbubbles@hotmail.com.  

Saponify, saponify, saponify...
Bonsai or Soap? (meet Nicolle Field)
To Seize or Not 
to Seize
How do you do that Voodoo?
Frankly Fragrance
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