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I AM REPEATEDLY STRUCK by the similarities between the activity of A Century of Progress and the space of the World Wide Web. The Fair served as an ordering space for Machine-age technological progress. The guiding principles of the machine-age were still under negotiation in the 1933 and Chicago's Exposition had a significant influence on the development of those principles.

SIMILARLY, the guiding principles of Hyper-space are still under negotiation and the web is quickly acting as an ordering space for itself, and more broadly as the governing principle in the computer-based information age. I can't make that point enough. The machine was not only the icon for the machine-age, but also its ordering principle. Progress in other areas, such as humanitarianism, occurred in disseminated in terms of the machine. Today, the provides the hyper-space in which information is ordered and disseminated.

JUST AS THE MACHINE changed the relationship between man and his reality, so today the web is changing our relationship to the world around us--a world in which information bombards us from all sides. We make it manageable by collapsing the time and space of information into the ordering space of the World Wide Web.

Dustin Kidd
May 1999