Tulips and Blue Flags
Gus Mager
Tulips and Blue Flags

Gallery N
American Paintings and Sculpture

Although the Ashcan artists are well known for their movement between the newspaper reporting of the Philadephia Inquirer, the muckraking of The Masses, and the subtler urban portrayals in their paintings, many other early 20th-century painters worked as illustrators and/or cartoonists for major New York newspapers and magazines. Gus Mager, who produced cover art for the New Yorker, is best known for his cartoon series "Sherlocko the Detective." Mager, like Rudolph Dirks and Denys Wortman, chose oil paintings to exhibit in the show, found in Gallery N (left). Dirks was the creater of the "Katzenjamer Kids," seen in the New York Journal weekly comic spread. Denys Wortman, who Stephen Becker calls "the spokesman for the urbanites, lower or lower-middle class, dispossed or muddling through," (166) exhibited an oil painting along with Rudolph Dirks' in Gallery E. Another former Journal and World cartoonist represented in the show was Marjorie Organ, in Gallery L.

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