Marguerite Zorach
(not included in the Armory Show)

Zorach's entry in the Armory Show, a portrait simply titled Study, most likely included bold colors, unmixed and straight from the tube, as she used in Landscape (above), one of her many early fauve-inspired paintings. An article written in the New York American emphasizes the non-organic appearance of Zorach's painting: "In the 'study,' by Marguerite Zorach, you see at once that the lady is feeling very, very bad. She is portraying her emotions after a day's shopping. The pale yellow eyes and the purple lips of her subject indicate that the digestive organs are not functioning properly. I would advise salicylate of quininine in small doses." (Levy 1) The author's chiding comments were typical of the responses to Matisse's work. The non-representational colors and forms of post-impressionism could only come from an insane artist (a theory supported by van Gogh's eratic behavior and visit to a mental institution) or an emotionally disturbed subject.