The Circus Dwarf
Jack Yeats
The Circus Dwarf

Gallery G
English, Irish and German Paintings and Drawings

Jack Butler Yeats, the poet W. B. Yeats' brother, has been recognized as the most prominent Irish painter of the early twentieth century. One of three Irish painters at the show, Yeats began as many of the Ashcans did, as a newspaper and magazine illustrator—most notably for Punch. The artist's father, primarily a portrait painter, was much admired by Robert Henri, who met him when he visited New York in 1911 to promote his son's poetry. Yeats' early work can be compared to that of Henri and the other Ashcan artists. Circus Dwarf (left) is a character study much like Henri's portraits, and The Political Meeting resonates with John Sloan's portrayals of urban crowds. Other Irish artists in Gallery G included George Russell, better known as the poet Æ, and Nathaniel Hone. All three painters were well patronized by John Quinn, who generously lent to and purchased from the Armory Show.

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