Her Quest for Conception

Now when Beautiful-Rich heard that,
     she was perturbed. She wept, she cried out,
she covered her husband, Prince of the Center,
          with tears up to her neck.
               Then she said,
"Prince, men are assembled here;
     much wealth is here.
Only a single calabash is denied to us,
     and swine and curs must inherit this kingdom and land."

"I will not take another wife," said Prince of the Center. (12)
"Go get help from Great Echo [the diviner].     More Info
     Get a childbearing charm from him."

So Beautiful-Rich set out to get help from Great Echo.
     With her she took ten women
          and a hundred men carrying guns, spears and muskets. (13)

When they reached Great Echo's place, Great Echo said,
"The ‘line for two' is not made by my foot,
     The ‘line for four' is not made by my hand. (14)
What will happen next year I see this year,
     what will happen tomorrow I see today.
So I know even before you open your mouth
     what brings you here grieving. It is your need for a child.
How many men accompany you, how many women accompany you?"

Beautiful-Rich said, "A hundred men,
carrying a hundred guns, a hundred spears, and a hundred muskets,
     and ten women carrying ten round stones."

"Eehh, woman!" said Great Echo.
"He will be a hard man on earth.
A thousand years in your womb,
     a hundred men inside you,
     and ten years will you carry him, O Beautiful-Rich. (15)
     If you consent, then that is what I will give you.     More Info
     But if you do not consent, you will have no other child.
Then go home --
     for he is a trouble child. Trouble, that one,
     and a calamity child.
He is a thunderbolt, he is lightning,
     On earth he will kill his father,
     in the womb he will kill his mother."

Then Beautiful-Rich said, "Oh yes, sir,
     for it is bad to have nothing, even trouble,
          and the child is the heir to the father."

                              Great Echo said, "So be it
If you agree, then go you to Male-Rock-of-Thousand-Corners.
     Lightning will also be there.
          Animals will be there.
               Deadly things will be there, too.
But when you go there,
     have each of your women carry two cannonballs
          and you carry three.
A locust you will get there, as your childbearing charm.
A thousand strong men will meet you there,
               but those thousand strong men will flee,
     for the male locust will madden the ox
          and will pass over the Male-Rock-of-Thousand-Corners."

                                   Then she set out.
When she arrived near the stone,
     waterspouts, winds, thunderbolts, hail fell upon her. (16)
          So did all deadly things.
Seven times did the ten women fall,
     and Beautiful-Rich was the only one who did not fall.
As she approached Male-Rock-of-Thousand-Corners,
     there were more deadly things.
When she came to the north of the rock,
                    there was the locust on top of it.     More info
Male-Rock-of-Thousand-Corners sank down level with the ground. (17)
Then again her ten servant women fell, crushing their hands,
     and Beautiful-Rich was the only one who did not fall.
The locust was bombarded with bullets
     so that Beautiful-Rich could catch him,
but that locust did not die.
     He seemed ever more alive, to look at him.
Then Beautiful-Rich bound up her loins like a man (18) to catch the locust
     and she caught the locust.
It carried them up, flying.
     Beautiful-Rich almost reached the sky --
          but she would not fall:
               She was sitting atop the stone.
Then it came down to earth,
     but did not enlarge its hole;
          it fell into the same place as before. (19)
Beautiful-Rich slid into the stone (20)
     and took the locust to make a childbearing charm. (21)

Then each of the oldest trees in the world began to speak:.
     "I am the childbearing charm."
     "I am the childbearing charm." (22)
When Beautiful-Rich had arrived among the childbearing charms --
     among Does-Not-Wither-When-Transplanted,
          and Does-Not-Dry-When-Planted,
               Thousand Goat-Horns,
               Hundred-in-the-Womb --
she went into the forest to get Single Trunk. (23)
But when she reached the top of Single Trunk,
                         it was the locust who seized the charm.
Then came back Beautiful-Rich, traversing on spiderwebs,
     not touching the sky,
          not touching the blossoms on the trees as she passed,
               not walking on the ground. (24)
Then the childbearing charm
     that Beautiful-Rich procured in the forest
showed itself to the prince in the village, and said,
"Say your prayers, for Beautiful-Rich is in battle. (25)
     Your praying should be done like this:
     ‘Win the day! Bring forth our man!
     This eel must not be confined.
     Water will not hold him.' (26)
          Make your prayers so."

                         Then came Beautiful-Rich
and settled in the village called "Long-Standing,"
     in the lands of Prince of the Center.
Stones there smashed each other;
     the grass dried up.
Now that town could withstand anything.
     It justified its name Long-Standing. (27)

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