Art in Advertising

Comics as an Advertising Form: What advertisers had to say in 1935.

Articles from the 1930s about Art in Advertising.

Rube Goldberg

Rube Goldberg's work and life: The artist as advertiser and cartoonist.

"Tell it to Sweeny": Slogans and Rube Goldberg.


Cartoons and comics were a primary way of communicating the slogans and advertisements that companies wanted their products to bear. Many popular cartoonists also worked as advertising artists, spreading their style to the corporated world. Rube Goldberg's cigarette tag gives us a prime example, and also offers a slogan that he made popular, and lent to the advertising world. Today's "Just Do It" from Nike wouldn't have cut it in the early twentieth century. Consumers expected a style that a familiar artist like Goldberg could provide.

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