Rube Goldberg
His Art

Rube Goldberg (1883-1970) was best known for his cartoons which satirized the enveloping technology of modern times. He also won fame as a vaudeville actor, an author, a star of radio and TV, an editorialist and a sculptor (Peter C. Marzio, Rube Goldberg: His Life and Work, (NY: Harper & Row), 1973, from inside jacket cover).
At right, photo from inside front cover.

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"Evolution of a Moustache", 1939
(p. 228, Marzio)


"Style of Men's Hats and Pants", 1912
(p. 116, Marzio)


Rube Goldberg pins, with slogans.


An example of Goldberg's zany machines. Click to read about Rube Goldberg's Machine Contest, where competitors bring his cartoon technology to life.

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