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The following photographs take you through a rough chronology of Aimee Semple McPherson's Life. Click on the links below, or WATCH THE SLIDESHOW.

  • Firewoman Aimee:
    After the Los Angeles Fire Department makes her an honorary batallion chief, Aimee preaches in the Fire Department Uniform and urges higher pay for policemen and firemen.

  • Aimee on Radio
    In 1923, Aimee records "canned sermonettes" to spread her message.

  • Aimee in Flight
    In 1925, Aimee flies in an open airplane to attend a radio convention in San Francisco.

  • Aimee's Radio Station
    In 1925, Aimee acquires her own radio station, KFSG (K Four Square Gospel).

  • Aimee Disappears
    In 1926, a deep-sea diver prepares to search for Aimee's body after she mysteriously disappears into the ocean.

  • Aimee Returns
    Aimee triumphantly returns to Los Angeles on June 26, 1926 to an adoring crowd after her disappearance.

  • Aimee in the Newspapers
    Aimee looks at her own headlines on the front page of the newspaper.

  • Aimee in the Navy
    Aimee starts reorganizing her church as a "Salvation Navy."

  • Aimee's Lifeboat
    Aimee launches the first "lifeboat" of her "Salvation Navy."

  • Tourist Aimee
    In England in 1928, Aimee is photographed with a London Guard.

  • Aimee's Invitation
    As a promotion scheme, Aimee invites followers to accompany her to the Holy Land.

  • Aimee's Temple
    In 1929 Aimee cuts her birthday cake in the shape of Angelus Temple.

  • Palestian Aimee
    Aimee wears a Palestian costume, one of many she collected throughout her international travels.

  • Sister Aimee
    Aimee preaches on "The Rose of Sharon" in a display of virtuosity.

  • Healer Aimee
    Aimee restores a blind man's site at a healing service in Boston.

  • Ailing Aimee
    Aimee is deathly ill, and she finally allows news reporters to see how haggard she is.

  • Aimee's Pageant
    Aimee participates in a pageant entitled "Cavalcade of Christianity" in January 1935.

  • Thanksgiving's Aimee
    Aimee preaches her 1936 Thanksgiving Day sermon at the wheel of the Mayflower ship in Angelus Temple.

  • Defending Aimee
    Attacked by creditors and skeptics, Aimee's followers establish the Aimee Semple McPherson Defense Fund.

  • Majestic Aimee
    At age 49, Aimee says, "I ruled like a queen in my kingdom."

  • Traditional Aimee
    At 51 years old, Aimee wears her Temple uniform with her hallmark corsage.

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