Injustice Case
Injustice Case, 1970

This image appears in African American Art, plate 91.

"...I feel it my moral obligation as a black artist to try to graphically document what I feel socially."

Quote taken from Black Artists on Art, pg. 21.

David Hammons
painter, mixed media

Hammons was born July 24, 1943 in Springfield, Illinois. After moving to California, he studied at various colleges in Los Angeles and at the Chouinard Art Institute.

Hammon's series of "body prints" during the Black Arts period include motiffs of the American flag and black subjects rendered like negatives of snapshots. The "body prints" reflect Hammon's effort to assert an art form derived from ordinary objects and capable of graphically documenting the sociopolitical aspects of black identity.

Brockman Gallery, Los Angeles, 1971
Los Angeles County Museum, 1971
Illinois Bell Traveling Show, 1971-1972