As Charlie and his fellow chocolateers travel through Wonka's candyland, their idyllic journey turns tragic. One by one, each of the children disobey Wonka's simple commands and suffer surreal bodily harm as a result. The cause/effect pattern of child defies authority - child is ejected from factory is consistent for everyone but Charlie.

After slipping away from the group, Charlie and Grandpa Joe sneak into the manufacturing room for the Fiizy Lifting Drink. They Wonka has warned them not to touch anything without permission, Charlie and his grandfather are overcome by curiousity and sample some of the mysterious drink regardless. To their great surprise, the two are lifted into the air as the gaseous nature of the liquid pulls them upwards. At first amused, Charlie and Grandpa grow horrified as they near the top of the bubbly chamber: a swirling fan comprised of deadly steel blades. In order to avert their messy fate, Charlie and Grandpa burp their way out of the champer. Once safe, Grandpa vows, "From now on, Charlie, we keep our feet on the ground."

Though Charlie defies Wonka's orders like the rest of the children, he is the only one who is not expelled from the factory immediately. It is no coincidence that Charlie, our hero, "sins" amidst light, airy bubbles. While Charlie does not receive his due reward until he returns the Everlasting Gobstoppper, his transgression goes unnoticed in the short term. Whereas Oompa Loompas sing of the misdeeds of the others, Charlie's folly carries with it a message of lesser moral degradation. Both literally and figuratively, Charlie and his Grandfather are elevated through their mischief.