The Many Faces of the Man of Steel


In Their Own Words

Other Perspectives on the Man of Steel

In the Beginnning by Jerry Seigel, 1983. Superman co-creator Jerry Seigel recalls a little bit about the origins of Superman.

Happy 45th Anniversary, Superman! by Jerry Seigel, 1983. Seigel reflects on the early days of the Man of Steel and the early days of the comic.

Superman at The Star by Henry Mietkiewicz, 1992. Co-creator Joe Shuster gives his last interview before his July, 20, 1992 death and comments on the ties between Superman and Toronto.

Here Comes Superman by Mort Weisinger, 1946. Superman editor Weisinger hails the arrival of the Man of Steel as both a cultural and educational triumph.

Superman, the Legend by David Michael Petrou, 1978. As an intorduction to Superman: The Movie, Petrou traces Superman through the media.

How to Crash the Comics! by Abner Sundell, 1942. The creator of Steel Sterling outlines a formula for creating a comic superhero.

The Legendary L's Author unknown, 1968. An article that ran in Superman No. 204 addressing the ubiquity of characters in the comic with two L's in their name.

Jerry Seigel Attacks! Author unknown, 1940 (Translation copyright © 1998 by Randall Bytwerk). A Nazi German response to the exploits of Superman and creator Jerry Seigel.

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