The Many Faces of the Man of Steel


The Superscribes

A glimpse into the lives Chris, Dave, and Erin

The Group

Dave, Erin, and Chris work pretty well together, as they are united in their affection for American Studies. This whole project went along swimmingly, although Dave and Erin became resentful of Chris when they learned that he had a double major in Economics, so would subsequently have a job upon graduation. Erin and Dave look forward to sleeping on his floor in the near future.

Break It Down
Chris is always yelling at us. Here he is with the mic.

Chris Yeung

-Chris Yeung currently keeps it real in Charlottesville, VA. He Studies American Studies and Economics at The University of Virginia. He is a web-design genius. He also plays goalie for the UVa ice hockey team. He tells us that he's quite good, but we can neither confirm nor deny.

Our Fearless Leader
Dave spends most of his day slothing around with his finger in his ear.

David Hendrick

-Dave is also a University of Virginia student. When not doing American Studies related academic work he likes to make and drink his own beer and go fishing. He really doesn't even like Superman that much, he has come to discover. Recently, Dave was attacked by by an angry goose while fishing, it was really quite scary, as the goose was huge and angry, or so Dave says. In any case, he now packs a "goose gun" on all expeditions.

Erin riding her Hamburger Harley.

Erin Barnes

-Erin was born, lives and works in Charlottesville, Va. She owns a lot of CDs and likes Romantic notions of Americana passed. She tolerates Dave and Chris. She recently was awarded a lot of money to go study a dam in Washington state, which she is trying her hardest not to spend on frilly dresses and parasols. No, really.
Created by: Erin Barnes Dave Hendrick Chris Yeung