The Many Faces of the Man of Steel


The Superman Radio Show

Episodes From the First Season, 1940

"Faster than an airplane, more powerful than a locomotive, impervious to bullets!"
"Up in the sky - look!"
"It's a giant bird!"
"It's a plane!"
"And now, Superman - a being no larger than an ordinary man but possessed of powers and abilities never before realized on Earth: able to leap into the air an eighth of a mile at a single bound, hurtle a 20-story building with ease, race a high-powered bullet to its target, lift tremendous weights and rend solid steel in his bare hands as though it were paper. Superman - a strange visitor from a distant planet: champion of the oppressed, physical marvel extraordinary who has sworn to devote his existence on Earth to helping those in need!"

With those immortalized words, so began the radio adventures of Superman. Here are gathered the first sixteen episodes of the most popular show in the Radio's Golden Age in Apple Qucktime format. Click here to download the free Quicktime player.

The Episodes

Episode 1: The Baby From Krypton
Episode 2: Clark Kent, Mild-Mannered Reporter
Episode 3: Keno's Landslide
Episode 4: Clark Kent – Captured by The Wolf
Episode 5: Clark Kent – Imprisoned
Episode 6: Menace to the Silver Clipper
Episode 7: Dr. Dahlgren's Atomic Beam Machine
Episode 8: Atomic Fuel Cylinders Stolen
Episode 9: Threat to the Daily Planet
Episode 10: Fire in the Sterling Building
Episode 11: The Stabbing of June Anderson
Episode 12: The North Star Mining Company
Episode 13: Aboard the Steamship Madison
Episode 14: The Plane to Canyon City
Episode 15: Left to Die
Episode 16: The Prison Riot

Plot summaries and credits courtesy of Superman: The Radio Program (1940-1950)
Created by: Erin Barnes • Dave Hendrick • Chris Yeung