"The Peanut Vendor (El Manisero)" by Don Azpiazu & His Orhcestra with Antonio Machin (1931)

"The Peanut Vendor" was a huge hit in Havana before Azpiazu brought the song to the United States, where it would be the first Latin number to top the charts. The vocalist, Antonio Machin, was considered by some the greatest of all the Cuban Bolero singers. The song is a rumba, and with its release, inspired a Latin dance craze in urban America that would later focus on the congas of Latin artists like Desi Arnaz who crossed over into the mainstream making successful recordings, films, and appearances on radio shows. The song was the #1 most popular song of 1931 (Shapiro). Azpiazu's success was yet another example of the underground influencing mainstream popular cuture. Musician's like Xavier Cugat, Machito, and lesser known Johnny Rodriguez ( "Mulatica") would comprise a vibrant underground Latin Jazz scene that flourished in New York nightclubs and influenced such jazz greats as Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespe.