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Movie critics in the post-depression era praised some quintessential screwball films while berating others. The New York Times reviews of these films provide us with an interesting insight into the minds of some these critics.



His Girl Friday Review His Girl Friday (1940) "Hysteria is one of communicable diseases and "His Girl Friday" is a more pernicious carrier than Typhoid Mary." See entire review
The Awful Truth Review The Awful Truth (1937) "To be frank, "The Awful Truth" is awfully unimportant." See entire review
Bringing Up Baby Review Bringing Up Baby (1934) "In 'Bringing Up Baby' Miss Hepburn has a role which calls for her to be breathless, senseless and terribly, terribly fatiguing. She succeeds, and we can be callous enough to hint it is not entirely a matter of her performance." See entire review
The Philadelphia Story Review The Philadelphia Story (1940) "Provided you have a little patience for the lavishly rich, which these folk are you should have great fun at "The Philadelphia Story." See entire review
Twentieth Century Review Twentieth Century (1934) "There is many a witty remark in this harum-scarum adventure." See entire review
It Happened One Night Review It Happened One Night (1934) "There are few serious moments in "It Happened One Night," a screen feast which awaits visitors to the Radio City, and if there is a welter of improbable incidents these hectic doings serve to generate plenty of laughter." See entire review

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