J.E.B. Stuart

James Ewell Brown Stuart was born on February 6, 1933 on "Laurel Hill Plantation" in Patrick County, Virginia. From 1848 to 1850 he attended Emory and Henry College and entered the United States Military Academy on July 1, 1850. In the years that followed his graduation, Stuart received various commissions in Texas, Kansas, and Washington. On January 15, 1861, Stuart made the move which would determine his role in the Civil War. On this date he wrote to Jefferson Davis requesting a position in "The Army of the South". On May 3, 1861 Stuart sent his letter of resignation to the United States Army, and on May 24 he was named captain of the Confederate Calvary.

J.E.B. Stuart won much praise in the Battle of second Manassas. According to General Lee, Stuart was an ideal soldier; and because of his skill as an intelligence officer, Lee regarded him as the "eyes of the army". Dramatic in his appearance, Stuart always rode a grand horse, lined his gray coat with red material, wore his hat cocked to one side with a peacock's plume splaying from it, and always had a red flower or ribbon love- knot in the lapel of his jacket.

On May 9, 1864, Sheridan headed for Richmond to stage a siege of the city. It was during this battle on May 11, 1864 that J.E.B. Stuart was fatally wounded by a Federal calvaryman. He died the following day and was buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond.

sources: Dictionary of American Biography

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