~ an archive of texts which use quilts as American symbol ~


Behuniak-Long, Susan. 'Preserving the Social Fabric: Quilting in a Technological World'
an essay concerning the ways in which quilting has changed with technological development yet remained static as a symbol
Bernick, Susan. 'A Quilt Is an Art Object when It Stands Up like a Man'
a look at the manner in which quilts are valued and judged according to American patriarchal standards and the manner in which women's roles continue to make the symbol of quilts unique to America
Bilger, Audrey. 'A History Reduc'd into Patches'
taken from her novel Patchwork and the Woman Novelist, Bilger explains the use of the patchwork quilt as symbol and template for literary tradition and the manner in which quilts as symbol speak as a unique representation of self-expression and union of contrasting characters or values
Elsley, Judy.'The Color Purple and the Poetics of Fragmentation'
an essay exploring the use of quilt metaphor in Alice Walker's fiction and its use as a metahor for the role of black and white relationships in America
Hillard,Van. 'Census, Consensus, and the Commodification of Form: The NAMES Project Quilt'
a look at how American society deals with the use of quilting to commemorate the NAMES Project Quilt
Peppers, Cathy. 'Fabricating a Reading of Toni Morrison's Beloved as a Quilt of Memory and Identity'
as essay exploring the use of metaphor in Toni Morrison's fiction and how the use of quilting is symbolic
Roberts, Ruth. 'Quilt Value and the Marxist Theory of Value'
a look at how the quilting tradition of America is defined by our economic system and thus used as symbol outside of contemporary symbolic values according to monetary value
Tornsey, Elizabeth. Introduction to her book Quilt Culture
taken as the preface to her book addressing role of quilts in American history and their impact on women's culture


T.S.Arthur, 'The Quilting Party'
Thomas Canfield, 'The Bedquilt'
Mary Eleanor Freeman, 'A Quilting Bee in Our Village'
Marietta Holley, 'Miss Jones' Quilting'
Rebecca Cox Jackson, 'The Dream of Washing Quilts'
Bobbie Ann Mason, 'Love Life'
Mari Sandoz, 'Pieces to a Quilt'
Alice Walker, 'Everyday Use'
Otto Whitney, 'Excerpt from How to Make an American Quilt'


Jane Wilson Joyce, 'Bible Quilt circa 1900'
Robin Morgan, 'Quilts'
Joyce Carol Oates, 'Celestial Timepiece'
Adrienne Rich, 'Excerpt from Natural Resources'

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