Dorothy Holden

Below are two quilts created by African American quilter Dorothy Holden. The quilt on the right is entitled "Afro-Virginian Basket," the one on the left is "Black White Basket." Mrs. Holden is a Charlottesville, Virginia resident. A former school-social worker, she has been quilting professionally for the past ten years. Her quilted wall hangings grace walls across the country and abroad. A prize winning quilter, she has exhibited her work in many galleries including the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, South Street Inn, The Bird's Nest, and Diverseworks in Houston. When asked about her quilting traditions, Mrs. Holden replied that she doesn't like to talk too much about her quilts, letting them talk for themselves. She says, "I quilt because I like too of course." Although classified an "African American" quilter, Mrs. Holden uses both African and European quilting tradition as can be seen by a comparison of the differences in style of her two quilts displayed below.

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